Keep Your Trees Looking Their Best

Tree pruning will maintain their health in Waterford Township, MI and all of Oakland county

Is your yard starting to look like a jungle? Arbol Tree Service offers tree pruning and shrub trimming services to make sure your property stays beautiful. We offer years of experience to provide you with quality work that will make your neighbors envious. We customize each of our jobs to suit your needs, based on the size of your property and the number of trees and shrubs that require attention. Call/Text 248-410-2295 today to schedule next-day service for tree pruning in the Waterford Township, MI area or any of Oakland county.

5 reasons to have your trees trimmed

From removing branches that could potentially cause damage to your property to eliminating diseased limbs, tree pruning maintains the health of your greenery. There are many reasons to trim your trees, including:
  1. Strengthening the roots
  2. Removing hazardous branches
  3. Treating diseases
  4. Improving your view
  5. Providing sunlight to the ground level
Contact Arbol Tree Service to learn how we will leave your yard looking its best.