We're Ready to Take Down Damaged Trees

Call us for tree removal in Waterford Township, MI

While many trees can be left alone for decades, there are times when a tree needs to be cut down. Arbol Tree Service offers tree removal services to take care of unsightly or damaged trees. We are experienced with:
  • Diseased tree removal
  • Emergency storm damage
  • Land clearing
Each job we perform is customized to the needs of your property. Our goal is to leave your yard looking better than it did before we got there. Contact Arbol Tree Service today for tree removal services in the Waterford Township, MI area.

5 reasons to get a tree removed

It's possible to trim and prune trees for years to maintain their health. However, there are many reasons when it's better to completely remove the tree, including:
  1. When there is extensive damage
  2. When the tree is dying
  3. When the tree is diseased or covered in fungus
  4. When the roots are damaged
  5. When there are power lines in the area
  6. We will be happy to meet you at your property to discuss the best plan of action. Call/Text 248-410-2295 to schedule a free consultation about the tree care services you need.