We'll Smooth Out Your Stump Problems

Schedule stump removal in Waterford Township, MI or any of Oakland county

When you get a tree removed, we will cut it as low as possible, but a stump is always left behind. Arbol Tree Service offers stump removal and grinding to take care of whatever remains. We customize each job to your specific needs based on the stump's location, size and type. Next-day service is also available in most cases. Call/Text 248-410-2295 for stump removal in the Waterford Township, MI area or any of Oakland county.

5 reasons to remove a stump

While removing a tree eliminates some of your worries, leaving the stump behind can still cause issues on your property. There are many reasons to remove a stump, including:
  1. They can be a hazard in your yard
  2. They can allow for new tree growth
  3. They attract insects, including termites
  4. They take up space in your yard
  5. They are a nuisance for mowing
We have the tools and equipment to take care of stump grinding or removal for your Waterford Township, MI or Oakland county property. Return your yard to a smoothed-out state by contacting Arbol Tree Service today.